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Personal Finance Daily: Why 20 million U.S. homes are struggling to pay their utility bills and white-collar graduates are vulnerable to recession and need to get smart when applying for jobs

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Weekend reads: The Federal Reserve’s Powell lowers the boom, predicting ‘pain’ across the U.S.

Also, stock picks for bears and bulls, the housing slowdown and another view on “quiet quitting.” Read More

‘The empty house felt both familiar and alien. I was overcome with grief.’ The long goodbye: Burying my dad during COVID-19

‘A fraught transatlantic phone call kicked off a series of transatlantic journeys and a long search for closure, set against the backdrop of the unfolding pandemic.’ Read More

Financial education in high school has little effect on retirement savings and investing in the long run

Personal finance classes help young people with immediate needs — credit, debt and budgeting. Read More

Meet the teens curating the perfect beach day

Almost everyone has experienced the “struggle” of lugging coolers, umbrellas, chairs, and more across hot sand as the sun beats down. Read More

‘It’s the first step to eviction.’ Why 20 million U.S. homes are struggling to pay their utility bills.

New data reveals that millions of low-income households can’t pay their utility bills. Read More

Four strategies for finding cheaper flights

You won’t find the pandemic flight deals of 2020, but there are still ways to get a good deal on your tickets. Read More

LastPass reports security breach but says no users’ passwords were stolen

Password manager LastPass reported a security breach on Thursday but has assured customers that no data or encrypted password vaults were accessed. Read More

‘It’s just a very odd time:’ White-collar graduates are vulnerable to recession —and need to get smart when applying for jobs. Here’s exactly how to do that.

Entry-level workers will be particularly vulnerable during the next recession, experts say. Read More

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