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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can help you roll with the Fed’s inflation-fighting punches

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How retirees can survive a bear market

A low-risk way of matching the stock market’s long-term return Read More

IPO volume has all but dried up — and that’s telling you the bear market isn’t over yet

IPOs are down 81% from a year ago and newly public companies are raising less money. Read More

‘There’s no Fed pivot’: Wall Street finally gets the message as stocks swoon after Powell speech

 The Fed is not going to let people think it has turned more dovish. Read More

Only 5 S&P 500 stocks ended higher after Powell’s sobering Jackson Hole speech

It took only a 10-minute speech from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday to clarify that monetary policy would be relentlessly tightened. Read More

These dividend stocks can protect you as the Federal Reserve slows the economy

This guide highlights which real estate investment trusts are expected to generate the most cash for investors in 2023. Read More

These 3 safe stocks yield more than 10-year Treasurys

These S&P 500 stocks have exhibited relatively low volatility and have sustainable payouts that won’t be cut at the first sign of trouble. Read More

This investment strategy acts on 18 trends to cut your risk when the stock market is volatile

A Credit Suisse managed futures fund takes advantage of price volatility across stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Read More

The stock market in all likelihood has entered a new bull phase — so you’ll want to own these five stocks

Worries about the market retreating to new lows should be taken with a grain of salt. Read More

The Dow usually slumps in September. The reason why is one of the market’s unsolved mysteries.

September is the worst month of the calendar for the U.S. stock market. Read More

Will Social Security’s COLA for 2023 be high enough?

Several different inflation measures are nevertheless telling a similar story Read More

10 powerful (and legal) investing lessons you can learn from the most ruthless Gilded Age robber baron

The most important lesson from Jay Gould is one his victims learned the hard way: watch what people do, not what they say. Read More

Julian Robertson on how to make money — and avoid going bankrupt — in the stock market

Avoid big losses and make large bets when it feels right, said the pioneering hedge fund manager, who has died at age 90. Read More

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